Saturday, April 16, 2011

Airports and faith

This morning has been a huge test of my faith. I arrived at the airport to find out that my first flight was delayed therefore forcing me to miss my connecting flight to Miami, where I was supposed to meet Mike and Christi so I could travel with them to Haiti.

I was not able to sleep last night because I was worrying that I had made the wrong decision to travel to Haiti, mainly because I had so much school work to worry about. So the flight mess just added on to the worry. Another pound added to my worry was that my bag was 15 pounds overweight because of the donations I am bringing to the orphanage in Haiti. The airlines told me that it was going to cost $200 extra for just that, plus I was worried about having to find a hotel and cab in case I had to stay in Miami for the night. WOW!

If it hadn't been for Wes and his strong faith in Christ I would have lost it! He guided my attitude to try and find the positives in everything.. which is something I am just not good at. After switching 15 lbs of weight from my suitcase to my carryon backpack I only had to pay $25. Things were beginning to turn around! But... there is always a but! I finally made it to security and then I hear these words over the airport intercom..., "Last call for Cassidi Taylor to board the aircraft, LAST CALL". I ran in front of everyone, probably seemed rude, I was in a hurry though! I waited, what seemed forever for my bags to go through the x-ray, grabbed them and RAN! I made it to my gate and the ticket lady said I made it only by a few seconds, catching my breath I boarded the plane and sat down... then... 5 minutes later I hear those wonderful words, "prepare for take off!" ... hah!... I wish! I actually heard, "ladies and gentlemen we have some bad news..." this flight was now going to be delayed an hour because of mechanical problems! I went to the ticket counter, ready to change my flight again because I didn't think I would make my connection time, but the lady said I would if I ran. So I got on the plane an hour later and after a nice flight, I RAN ... AGAIN! This was a much larger airport though, I had to take a shuttle to a different terminal , running, running, running.... (with my 30lb backpack) and i make it to my gate and see my plane! I see my plane being taxied out to take off without me... Well that ruined any chance of making it to Haiti tonight so I am now writing this in my free hotel room, full off of my free dinner In Miami, Flordia! I am so thankful that God provided that for me. Adventure day huh?

Why, after I ask God so many times to strengthen my faith, do I run in fear from the oppurtunity? I know going to Haiti is God's plan for me. I have asked Him countless times to take me out of my comfort zone, to allow me to risk for Him, and to strengthen my faith. When the time comes for Him to answer my prayers I panic. All morning I was just thinking about the worst things that could happen, when all I needed to do was have faith in Jesus Christ, that He had planned this for me. This morning Tiffany sent me the greatest text ever saying, that this is all God's plan that Satan doesnt want me in Haiti because i'm going to allow God do so amazing things through me". This gave me so much peace, especially now because I now have a stronger faith in what it means to trust in Christ.

I even met three people on my journey today and got to share a little about our lives together.

Sorry for the long blog. It's my first one okay! Goodnight everyone.. next stop HAITI!


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  1. I love you and you are amazing! Miss you much and glad you made it!!! Love mom