Sunday, April 17, 2011

Beautiful Haiti.

So I missed my flight this morning... haha just kidding! I woke up early to catch the first shuttle out of the hotel, made it to the airport, got my tickets, checked my luggage and got on the plane to Haiti with no hassle! Thank you for your prayers!

I arrived at the airport expecting to see Mike waiting for me but I didn't see him, instead I saw a guy waving an old beat up child hope card saying his name was "Big" and he was there to help me. I was very nervous because Mike had specifically told me to stay there and he would come get me. After Big had repeated several times the name of the orphanage and the owners I remembered reading an e-mail about Big was the person that would be helping us as a team at the airport. So I went with him to the parking lot and we waited about 30 minutes and there was Mike! Such a sigh of relief ! Turns out Mike had texted me earlier telling me to go with Big, because he got delayed picking a lock on the gas tank.. hah.

We headed straight to an English Church, where I met up with Christi and Jill and our new team members Rio and April. It was just like meeting at a family reunion. The church was awesome to see so many different nationalities worshiping the same God in the same building. So beautiful.

After Church we went to the guest house (childhope) to eat lunch and this is where I met all of the missionaries that work with Childhope. They're stories were so inspirational, to give up everything you have for the obedience of God's calling. That is my prayer every day that if God were to call me to do something that would take me sacrificing something great, that i would do it joyfully. The lunch was amazing too!

We then had a brief orientation and tour of the childhope campus, which includes the, boys home, girls home, the guest houses, missionary homes, and a transition house. This included a lot of walking in the HOT HOT HOT humid air, but it was fun! The whole ministry and what they are doing here is beautiful.

I watched the most beautiful sunset over the ocean, from the roof of the guest house this evening, It was incredible. God is such and artist. Dinner was great, and more building relationships within the team and missionaries. I took my first bucket bath today! I have to admit I was kind of nervous doing this, because I love being clean, but it was actually really nice! It definitely made me appreciate the abundance of water I use in America. It took maybe a half of a large bucket to get clean here, I wonder how many large buckets I use in a shower back home. It kind of makes me sick to even think about it...

All in all today was a day of rest. And I am so thankful for that. Tomorrow we are going to be working with the kids and doing a food program that the orphanage runs. Please pray for my teams health and the missionaries on staff here as some of the staff is feeling under the weather. Also pray for our team to have discernment of what God's will is for this week and how he wants us to serve Him in Haiti this week.


  1. this is a beautiful thing CT. thank you for sharing. sending all my love and prayers your way. xo - carrie

  2. Praying for you! This is so inspiring and amazing to ready <3

  3. Cassidi you are such a giving person! You always have been even when you were little I remember you always using your birthday money to buy me a mothers day present. So happy birthday - glad you are doing what you do best on your special day. Love you, Momma